1st Day of 1st Grade!!

Holy cow, a whole summer has passed and now it’s time to start 1st grade already!! So we packed our backpacks, planned our lunch, chose our outfit last night, washed and braided the hair and attempted to get in bed on time. The Child has been having trouble sleeping in her own bed all summer, so we tried a nifty little incentive plan, which is: if she can sleep in her own bed, all night long for 4 of 5 nights a week for a month, then she can earn a trip to Chuck E Cheese. So her response to this plan was “how ’bout vegas?”

Dude. go big or go home, I guess.


Happy Last Day of School!

Well, folks – we made it through Kindergarten successfully! At the beginning of the year, our teacher conferences were about the possibility of repeating kindergarten because the Child was more interested in chatting it up with her new friends than listening to the teacher. At the end of the year conference, the Child had improved to above average on whatever kind of test you can give to a kindergartner to measure progress. She still loves to talk. All the time. But she can write a few things, spell a few things on her own, read a few things on her own (although I’m pretty sure she’s faking and can read a whole lot of things!)

There have been lots of funny quotes, lots of firsts (first bus ride! first sleepover! first friend phone call!) and now it’s all over. Summer vacation began today at 11:15am and I get to entertain a soon to be 6 year old for 3 months. Any suggestions on that?!

We’ve been running every weekend for birthday parties, family gatherings, graduation parties, grocery shopping etc. I am tired people! and running out of money!! Who knew a 5 year old’s social life would be so expensive!! New shoes, gymnastics every month (which requires an outfit), school parties for every single holiday, end of the year teacher gifts, birthday gifts for every party. Man!

How Do You Like Kindergarten?

It’s been a little while since I had anything to post about Kindergarten. Well, I still don’t have anything really, considering Kindergarten is only from 8:30-11:15. I just don’t know how anything gets accomplished in those short hours, but those teachers are just amazing at what they do.

There have been birthday parties and sleepovers. Class parties and field trips. Did I mention the homework? In Kindergarten? There’s homework every single night. And it’s always a battle at our house. the Child has a serious case of the “I can’ts” and it drives me crazy, especially because she can but just doesn’t want to. Big difference, ya know?

Last day of school is coming up soon! June 11th or something like that.

Birthday Party Business

The Child got invited to her 1st kindergarten birthday party today. She must be extra special, because the “rule” is that you if you don’t invite the whole class, you don’t invite anyone. So The Child got a private invitation. Ooohhh. She was so excited!! I took her shopping, gave her a price limit and she chose the gift she wanted. I also let her choose the card AND the wrapping paper AND the bow.  I made her whole day 🙂 Go me!!

The Child got the invitation thursday and the party was saturday (I know, hello last minute!) and I’ve been so conflicted on whether or not to do a drop off or stay the whole time. One one hand, I don’t know the mom/family. I mean, I know her but I don’t know her, know what I mean? I didn’t want the mother to be all, OMG can you believe she just left her child here? But I also didn’t want to sit with someone I don’t know, forced to make conversation for 2 hours either. Hence my confliction.

So I called the girl’s mom and asked if other kids were coming, if other mothers were staying or what she wanted me to do. She said it was fine if I stayed, and fine if I didn’t. (Helpful, right?) I asked my Husband’s opinion, and his response was the typical; whatever you want to do. *sigh*

I opted for leaving her there and gave the mom my cell number. I decided it would be a good time to get some errands done. It’s just faster when you don’t have to drag along a 5 year old. So I swung by the car wash and ended up sitting in the line for an HOUR (because even though it’s January 7th in Pittsburgh, it was almost 60 degrees today!). By the time I finally got through the wash, I had an hour left before I had to pick up the Child. So I ran through Wendy’s for some lunch (so much for healthy eating!), then went to the store for some groceries. When I got to party central, there were 4 other mothers there who apparently stayed the whole time. So I was the only mom who dropped off her kid. Loser much? Not one mother bothered to introduce herself to me, and I just stood in the living room until the party was over. Then I wrangled the Child and got out of there was fast as I could. Yes, I know I could have introduced myself to them – but I entered into their conversation and not one of them even made eye contact with me, so why bother?

Ah. it’s only going to get better from here 🙂

Why Fish are Stupid

Apparently our fish have been secretly watching Finding Nemo, because one tried to escape the tank via the filter. Except, this particular fish is bigger than the filter and got stuck. I have no idea how long he was stuck in there, but once I found him – I, being the awesome mom that I am, saved his little fishy butt. Except, he must have been stuck in there for quite some time, because one he was freed he floated belly up to the top, twitching and huffing and puffing. He eventually righted himself, but then sunk to the bottom of the tank and took up residence between a plastic plant and glass.

I warned the Child that he might go to fishy heaven during the night but she insisted he would be fine. Turns out, next morning he indeed went to fishy heaven. Poor kid was devastated. You know that was her most favorite fish ever!!! She requested to bury him in the dirt, so the Husband put him in a Tupperware container (gross!) and left mr. fishy on the back patio until she came home from school.

We wrapped him up in a little piece of cloth, dug a hole and placed him ever so gently in the ground, covered him up, put a marker on top of him and threw the tupperware container in the garbage. The Child then said “ok, now I don’t want to talk about him anymore.”

Funny Quote of the Day

The Child didn’t eat all of her lunch today. When I was cleaning up the dishes, I asked her why she didn’t eat it all. Her response? “I was saving room for dinner.”



Halloween Crazy

There is so much candy in my house. Hershey’s, Whoppers, Skittles, Tootsie Rolls, Butterfinger, Kit-Kat, Mallow Cups, peanut butter cups, twix, m&m’s (plain and peanut), snickers, milky way – and the list goes on. By the time we separated out all the peanut butter stuff that the Child cannot have, she STILL had an entire reusable shopping bag of candy/chips. I mean really. Just because it was cold and rainy does NOT mean you can dump handfuls of candy into her bag!!! Some guy gave me a garbage bag, because her carry bag was getting too heavy. By the time we got home, the garbage bag was half full. Seriously. Diet? what diet?

I’ve been trying to convince the Child to donate some of her candy to the Halloween Candy Buyback program, through Operation Gratitude, but she ain’t havin’ it. Too bad for her, because she only get another day of candy eating and then it’s going to disappear. I wonder if some of it can go into a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child?

The Child informed me yesterday that she hates her life and wishes she was never born. I really have no idea where this came from, but hopefully I put the kibosh on that in a hurry. Conveniently for me, on the way to the dentist today, we passed 3 (three!) homeless folks on the side of route 28 with their signs. She asked what they were doing there, why they didn’t have homes and why they couldn’t get a job. I reminded her that she should be thankful for her happy life, because she could be homeless with no one to care for her. She cried a little bit and said I was being mean. Maybe the point hit home? I’d really like her to learn some empathy for others and want to be giving. This year I’m going to try and get her involved in Toys for Tots.

Anybody have other ideas for how to teach empathy to a 5 year old?