This is an update on this post from 3 days ago,

Daddy picked up the Child from school the next day, and the Child immediately said “You know that story I told mommy yesterday about Q? She told me she made it all up so T would stop talking to her.”  This was an unprompted comment, because while Daddy knew about it, he came home from work after the Child was already in bed, so the Child did not know that Daddy knew. Hence the unprompted-ness.

This to me means that someone either A) asked Q if something was going on and she then realized she made a mistake and took back the story, or B) someone had a chat with Q’s parents and they told her to come back to school and tell the Child that it was not true

I will never know the true story, because once I informed the school it was out of my hands. School personnel are mandated reporters in Pennsylvania, so they have to report what I told them.

Here’s the thing though: if it’s a true story, that’s devastating enough. If it’s a made up story, what in the world is Q being exposed to at home to know enough to tell a story like that?

Prayers for this little girl.