I woke up sick yesterday. I sneezed so much my chest and back feel like I did 874 push-ups. I went to bed early and was supposed to wake up at 6am to make it to work by 7. Somehow my alarm was set for 6:30, then rest for 7, then again for 7:15. I just didn’t want to get out of bed!! I contemplated staying home, but thought I had quite a few meetings to attend so I knew I shouldn’t blow them off. (side note: turns out there were NOT any meetings today so I could have stayed home). The Child heard me moving around and came into the bathroom to ‘wait’ while I got ready. I encouraged her to be a big girl and get herself dressed for school. I told her to surprise Daddy by getting ready and she happily complied. After I finished my routine and made my way to the kitchen for some OJ, I noticed the Child had an extra layer of clothing on. I asked her, and she lifted up her dress to show me her nightgown. That silly girl put her clothes on over top her nightgown!! She was adamant that she was not changing, and while normally I would have fought with her some, I was just too sick and too tired to care. So off to the bus she went with her nightgown under her pretty pink dress 🙂