Apparently our fish have been secretly watching Finding Nemo, because one tried to escape the tank via the filter. Except, this particular fish is bigger than the filter and got stuck. I have no idea how long he was stuck in there, but once I found him – I, being the awesome mom that I am, saved his little fishy butt. Except, he must have been stuck in there for quite some time, because one he was freed he floated belly up to the top, twitching and huffing and puffing. He eventually righted himself, but then sunk to the bottom of the tank and took up residence between a plastic plant and glass.

I warned the Child that he might go to fishy heaven during the night but she insisted he would be fine. Turns out, next morning he indeed went to fishy heaven. Poor kid was devastated. You know that was her most favorite fish ever!!! She requested to bury him in the dirt, so the Husband put him in a Tupperware container (gross!) and left mr. fishy on the back patio until she came home from school.

We wrapped him up in a little piece of cloth, dug a hole and placed him ever so gently in the ground, covered him up, put a marker on top of him and threw the tupperware container in the garbage. The Child then said “ok, now I don’t want to talk about him anymore.”