The Child got invited to her 1st kindergarten birthday party today. She must be extra special, because the “rule” is that you if you don’t invite the whole class, you don’t invite anyone. So The Child got a private invitation. Ooohhh. She was so excited!! I took her shopping, gave her a price limit and she chose the gift she wanted. I also let her choose the card AND the wrapping paper AND the bow.  I made her whole day 🙂 Go me!!

The Child got the invitation thursday and the party was saturday (I know, hello last minute!) and I’ve been so conflicted on whether or not to do a drop off or stay the whole time. One one hand, I don’t know the mom/family. I mean, I know her but I don’t know her, know what I mean? I didn’t want the mother to be all, OMG can you believe she just left her child here? But I also didn’t want to sit with someone I don’t know, forced to make conversation for 2 hours either. Hence my confliction.

So I called the girl’s mom and asked if other kids were coming, if other mothers were staying or what she wanted me to do. She said it was fine if I stayed, and fine if I didn’t. (Helpful, right?) I asked my Husband’s opinion, and his response was the typical; whatever you want to do. *sigh*

I opted for leaving her there and gave the mom my cell number. I decided it would be a good time to get some errands done. It’s just faster when you don’t have to drag along a 5 year old. So I swung by the car wash and ended up sitting in the line for an HOUR (because even though it’s January 7th in Pittsburgh, it was almost 60 degrees today!). By the time I finally got through the wash, I had an hour left before I had to pick up the Child. So I ran through Wendy’s for some lunch (so much for healthy eating!), then went to the store for some groceries. When I got to party central, there were 4 other mothers there who apparently stayed the whole time. So I was the only mom who dropped off her kid. Loser much? Not one mother bothered to introduce herself to me, and I just stood in the living room until the party was over. Then I wrangled the Child and got out of there was fast as I could. Yes, I know I could have introduced myself to them – but I entered into their conversation and not one of them even made eye contact with me, so why bother?

Ah. it’s only going to get better from here 🙂