Well, folks – we made it through Kindergarten successfully! At the beginning of the year, our teacher conferences were about the possibility of repeating kindergarten because the Child was more interested in chatting it up with her new friends than listening to the teacher. At the end of the year conference, the Child had improved to above average on whatever kind of test you can give to a kindergartner to measure progress. She still loves to talk. All the time. But she can write a few things, spell a few things on her own, read a few things on her own (although I’m pretty sure she’s faking and can read a whole lot of things!)

There have been lots of funny quotes, lots of firsts (first bus ride! first sleepover! first friend phone call!) and now it’s all over. Summer vacation began today at 11:15am and I get to entertain a soon to be 6 year old for 3 months. Any suggestions on that?!

We’ve been running every weekend for birthday parties, family gatherings, graduation parties, grocery shopping etc. I am tired people! and running out of money!! Who knew a 5 year old’s social life would be so expensive!! New shoes, gymnastics every month (which requires an outfit), school parties for every single holiday, end of the year teacher gifts, birthday gifts for every party. Man!