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Funny Quote of the Day

The Child didn’t eat all of her lunch today. When I was cleaning up the dishes, I asked her why she didn’t eat it all. Her response? “I was saving room for dinner.”




Funny Quote of the Day

While tucking in the Child and loving on her, I told her “you’re so adorable I could just eat you up!” She responds: “Mama, I am so not food!”

Funny Quote of the Day

I got a fancy schmany new iPhone 2 days ago and I have yet to really get to play with it. I downloaded a couple games to entertain the Child. She’s just too smart for her own good.

While sitting on my lap, playing one of said games she says “my feet feel fuzzy.”


It took me a second to realize she was telling me her feet fell asleep from being crossed under her. How cute.

Funny Quote of the Day

“When I hear this song, my butt gets the rhythm and just has to dance!”