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Happy Last Day of School!

Well, folks – we made it through Kindergarten successfully! At the beginning of the year, our teacher conferences were about the possibility of repeating kindergarten because the Child was more interested in chatting it up with her new friends than listening to the teacher. At the end of the year conference, the Child had improved to above average on whatever kind of test you can give to a kindergartner to measure progress. She still loves to talk. All the time. But she can write a few things, spell a few things on her own, read a few things on her own (although I’m pretty sure she’s faking and can read a whole lot of things!)

There have been lots of funny quotes, lots of firsts (first bus ride! first sleepover! first friend phone call!) and now it’s all over. Summer vacation began today at 11:15am and I get to entertain a soon to be 6 year old for 3 months. Any suggestions on that?!

We’ve been running every weekend for birthday parties, family gatherings, graduation parties, grocery shopping etc. I am tired people! and running out of money!! Who knew a 5 year old’s social life would be so expensive!! New shoes, gymnastics every month (which requires an outfit), school parties for every single holiday, end of the year teacher gifts, birthday gifts for every party. Man!


Update on “The Story”

This is an update on this post from 3 days ago,

Daddy picked up the Child from school the next day, and the Child immediately said “You know that story I told mommy yesterday about Q? She told me she made it all up so T would stop talking to her.”  This was an unprompted comment, because while Daddy knew about it, he came home from work after the Child was already in bed, so the Child did not know that Daddy knew. Hence the unprompted-ness.

This to me means that someone either A) asked Q if something was going on and she then realized she made a mistake and took back the story, or B) someone had a chat with Q’s parents and they told her to come back to school and tell the Child that it was not true

I will never know the true story, because once I informed the school it was out of my hands. School personnel are mandated reporters in Pennsylvania, so they have to report what I told them.

Here’s the thing though: if it’s a true story, that’s devastating enough. If it’s a made up story, what in the world is Q being exposed to at home to know enough to tell a story like that?

Prayers for this little girl.






Like I need more reason to dislike public school

This is a very serious post, and I hesitate to publish it but I need to talk about it.


The Child came home from school today, and while having lunch she starts telling me a story about her friend, whom I’ll call Q. The Child told me that Q said Justin Bieber is her uncle!! “No way!” I say. The child then goes on to tell me that Q is Justin Bieber’s niece. “well yes, if JB is her uncle then Q is the niece.”

I’m only half listening at this point, because everybody loves JB and I just don’t get it. He’s a teen heartthrob. I’m an old fogey mom. Whatever.  So then the Child tells me that Q slept in bed with Justin Bieber naked! “what?!” The Child goes on: Q said Justin Bieber slept in bed with her naked; with no shirt, no pants and no underwear! And Q wasn’t wearing pants or underwear either.”  0_0   (<—- that’s my WTF face)

So I’m like, really paying attention now and I make her tell me the story again. The Child says she and Q were having snack together and Q told her about Justin Bieber (the uncle) sleeping in bed with Q, while naked. The Child then says “and her uncle makes her do stuff.”  As my stomach threatens to return my breakfast, I ask the Child what kind of stuff does the uncle make her do? She doesn’t know, Q didn’t offer up that part of the story. The Child then tells me she asked Q what Justin Bieber looked like in real life, and Q said “brown hair and green eyes.”

We talked about it a little more, til she got tired of me asking. But every time her story was the same. And yes, I’ve already called the school. But really?! 5 years old in kindergarten. I NEVER thought, nor expected to EVER hear something like this. E.V.E.R.