When school started, the Child wanted to ride the bus to school, but her crazy mother couldn’t do it. What if there’s a bully on the bus? What if you get off at the wrong school? What if some crazy psycho sees how cute you are waiting at the bus stop, follows the bus to school, and snatches you right off the sidewalk?

Hi. I’m the crazy, overprotective, paranoid mother that lives in your neighborhood! I had all kinds of awful thoughts about letting my 5 year old ride the bus to school. I mean, it’s SUCH a long ride from the pickup to the school (did I mention I can walk to the school?) Anything could happen between here and there. I just couldn’t do it.

So since school started, I’ve been driving her to school. The 1st day I walked her all the way to the classroom. The next day, I was relegated to the lobby because you can’t have crazy, psycho parents wandering all over the school. Each day, I’ve been letting her go a little bit further without me – I stopped at the door the last time. I even asked her if she wanted me to let her off at the curb and go all the way in without me. She said she needed me to walk to the lobby with her. So I continued to do that.

Then just a few days ago, we were a minute or two later in leaving than normal and we saw all the other kids getting on the bus. She waved to the bus as it drove by. Then she asked me if she could ride the bus to school the next day. After a short pause, I told her if she wanted to, she could try it out the next day to see how she liked it.

So the next day, she stood at the bus stop like a big girl while mom died a little bit on the inside. The bus came and she got on, sat roughly in the middle and off she went.

So while I might be the crazy psycho mother in your neighborhood, I try really hard to rein it in and be a normal mom. I’m working on it.

She loves the bus. I don’t love the bus, but I’ll get over it. Eventually.