Today was the end of the 2nd week of Kindergarten. I think we’ve managed to get our morning routine down pretty well – but it doesn’t really matter to me because I have to work 10 hour days so the Man is in charge of school prep.

Our neighbors just got back from the Beach a few days ago. They have a little girl that is the Child’s ¬†BFFFAA (for those of you uncool folks – that’s Best Friend Forever and Always) and the Child has been just beside herself that she hasn’t been able to play with Neighbor Girl for 10 days. The Child’s 2nd calling is a stalker, so the Child has been running up and down the stairs at least 2x/hour to “check” and see if Neighbor Girl has come outside.

By now I’m very much oblivious to the stalking, having lost count of the trips upstairs. Except, I happened to notice I was watching Max & Ruby – alone. Where could the Child have gone? It’s much too quiet. But instead of going to actually see what she was doing, I continued the ignoring. I’m pretty good at it. Until she comes back downstairs with that look on her face.

What did you do?
Nothing… she proceeds to lick her lips and teeth. I look at her mouth and notice there’s a white powder around her mouth

What did you do??
You’re fibbing!! What did you eat??
Don’t lie to your mother. What did you do?

She shows me her hands, and they have that same white powder. Now thinking I should track down the number for poison control…

Tell me right now what you  ate!

I tried to make a volcano with the powder in the bathroom….she says with a smile

So I march upstairs and come face to face with little puddles of baking powder. There’s some in the living room. There’s a trail in the hallway. There’s a few puddles in the bathroom. There’s another trail from the bathroom to the bedroom and some puddles in the bedroom. She brings me to the window and shows me the piles of wet baking soda in the windowsill. She was trying to make a volcano in the windowsill.

Must have been a tasty volcano.